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Wedding 7 - Brisbane

“hooking up”

Malcolm and I came from a small town in NZ. As Malcs was leaving High School I was just starting but by the time I was sixteen I knew who he was.

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I remember saying hello to him once at a party and getting the biggest buzz out of that but we never became friends until I was twenty one. By that stage Malcs had dropped the surfie, long plaited hair look and was going for the number one cut all over. (He stuck to the DIY number one for ten years, not a hair dresser in sight). Hey it was the 90’s; at least I’d grown out my perm and ditched the high waisted 501’s.

Malcolm and Belinda photo 2

So anyway Malcs woke up one morning in my best friends’ house, Matt and Helen and they never got rid of him after that. I was practically a flatmate myself so the four of us did everything together.

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It took six months for Malcs and me to “hook up” and by that stage our friends had given up on us so we surprised everyone. It was only ever going to be a year long relationship as I was saving for London… eleven years later here we are having got married.

Malcolm and Belinda photo 4

June ’98 I left for my big OE, Malcs had no wish to travel and can be quoted saying “I’d rather go and live in Mangaweka” (Google it, I dare ya). It was the scariest thing I’d ever done and thought I would be back home in three months, no chance when I got there as it was also the most exciting time, having never left my small town with a population 12,000 at the time.

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Three months later and Malcs had changed his mind, was on a flight to London to make it for my birthday. The night before I was out with my new flatmates till 4.00am, Malcs flight was in at 6am. I decided to get a quick hours sleep, alarm was set at 5.00am for a shower, with my taxi booked for 5.30am - sorted. I woke at 7.00am! The only thing to do was panic. I threw on my pub clothes, a cap and rung every cab company that would make it to me pronto, I don’t think I even had time to clean my teeth.

Malcolm and Belinda photo 6

The fastest cab in the land shot me out to Heathrow and here was Malcs calmly sitting waiting for me to arrive, 2 hours late. I’m surprised Malcs didn’t take one look at me and get on a plane back to NZ. And that was the start of our life overseas.

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the proposal

I was very impressed to learn that Malcs had called my dad before the “getting down on one knee” day. We had a day in the Glasshouse Mountains – tasting wine & cheese and soaking up the scenery.

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the photographer

After visiting the bridal expo and the photographers there we decided on none of them. Next step was to try our local options, we looked up Shaun Murray’s website and thought this looks exactly like what we want. After our first meeting and seeing his style of work we found him professional, approachable and very humorous - he was the man we would go with.

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the ceremony and reception

Married in the gardens at Snug Harbour over looking the river, our guests moved on to the terrace for drinks and hors d’oeuvres while we had our photos. Reception was in the Harbour Room at Snug Harbour with views of the river - perfect.

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the gown and suit

Abbey Brides Elegant tulle gown embellished with beaded lace. Strapless bodice with full lace-up back for a perfect fit. The asymmetrical overlay flairs from the thigh and finishes with a sweep train.

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Champagne roses and creamy champagne lisianthus

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Hong Kong

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