Brisbane - Wedding 2 - Real-life Story

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Brisbane - Wedding 2 - Real-life Story

the brisbane wedding of troy and deb

He's my true north, my soul mate, my best friend. Of all the people in the world we were meant to be together.

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We'd been friends for about a half a lifetime and it seemed a natural transition from best friends to husband and wife. Our love for each other continues to grow with each day passing.

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Troy decided in August 2006 that we'd take two weeks holiday, as we hadn't been away in ages. The first week was to involve day trips and some relaxation; the second was off to Fraser Island to catch the back end of the Tailor season. I was pumped a week of camping, fishing and more relaxing. At least, this is what I was lead to believe.

Little did I know that Troy had an agenda of his own. For weeks, possibly months (he still won't tell me) he'd been planning the ‘right spot' to propose. He tried to get us in to swim with the dolphins at Sea World, however the two weeks we were on holidays the dolphins were unavailable. So he did the next best thing. He planned a day in the sun at Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort. He wouldn't tell me that morning where we were going just that I needed almost one of each item of clothing. Troy had been in a nervous flutter all morning. It wasn't until we arrived at Tangalooma and went for a walk up to the wrecks that his palm stopped sweating. He turned to me, held my hand and asked me to be his wife. We spent the rest of the day on the dune buggies tearing through the sand dunes, getting massaged, relaxing and the other highlight of the day – feeding the dolphins. We planned our engagement party for 28th October 2006 and themed it 20's and 30's. Everyone had a blast of a time.

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We then began planning the big day. We decided on a winter wedding and in the interest of only having to remember a few dates we set the 28th July 2007 as the day to tie the knot (or attach the ball and chain as so many men refer to it).

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I like every other girl out there had dreamt about my wedding day and what it would look like. I knew that I didn't want to look like one of those toilet dolls that sit in your loo that gives you that scary plastic stare as you walk in, with her massive dress, frills, lace and other girly bits. So I went with something fairly simple and elegant. It didn't take me long to find my wedding dress. The ladies at Anna-Marie and Mr John were so helpful. The dress was everything I could have hoped (and dreamed for). They were so helpful that we decided to get the boys suits from the same place.

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For the flowers I wanted something traditional that would contrast with the colours of our dresses. Florist, Janet of Floral Productions understood the effect I was after and presented me with a stunning trailing bouquet of grand gala roses with babies' breath and greenery throughout. The bridesmaids had bouquets of cream vendella roses with babies' breath and greenery throughout. The end result was amazing.

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One of the most important aspects for me was to find a photographer that I felt comfortable with. So many of them were barely interested, some perhaps had been in the industry too long and had lost their umph. Your wedding day is not something that happens every day (in fact my intention was to only have to go through this once), so we wanted someone that was full of life and had a real passion for their job. Low and behold I come across Shaun, of Shaun Murray Photography.

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Shaun blew me away with his personality. His work is amazing and he has a great sense of humour, which is a must in my books. With a crazy family like mine a sense of humour is an absolute must have. Shaun really put our minds at ease with a pre-wedding shoot and we had a chance to sample his beautiful work. The wedding day was no different. Shaun had visited the boys first up. I believe there were some shenanigans and a nickname that came from the mornings events that still sticks with my little brother forever more. Then Shaun came to the house full of girls, who'd indulged in several light refreshments. We were having an absolute ball of a time (as one does). Shaun snapped away happily and got some really great pre getting dressed shots. He made the rest of the day seem effortless capturing the essence of love, fun, laughter and beautiful memories to last us a lifetime.

Our ceremony took place at Holland Park Anglican Church, followed by an afternoon tea in the church hall. Our photo shoot took us to several different parts of Brisbane. We visited Kangaroo Point Cliffs, where we were blown away. We made a hasty retreat for the cars and drove around to Customs House, down to Post Office Square and had some fun shots in the middle of Queen Street, before arriving at the reception venue.

The venue we chose was Tattersall's Club, Brisbane. It was an absolutely breathtaking atmosphere. We truly felt like royalty. While guests were waiting for us, they were able to view a slide show that my Dad and I created as part of a wedding present to Troy. I made sure that the guests were included in the slide show that made up the best of our growing years. We made our grand entrance to “Better Together”, by Jack Johnston. We broke slightly with tradition and cut our cake shortly after arriving. The night was magical with Dave Rankin's Paradise City Jazz Band singing the night away. Our bridal waltz was a truly memorable occasion for us, as the song holds special meaning, “The Way You Look Tonight”, by Frank Sinatra.

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The day just went by so quickly. We were grateful to have a wonderful wedding photographer who understood exactly what we wanted. He was sensational to work with and had us in stiches at times with his quick witted sense of humour and his ability to engage us all day. Thank-you Shaun for the beautiful photographs, we will treasure them forever more.

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