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Arcy & Mahmud

Summer of year 2006 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, I applied for a job on the company where he is working then luckily i got chosen.

I stayed in the company for a month hence it was just a freelance job...within those days, he never even shows interest in me. On the last day of my work, they throw a farewell gathering. Then suddenly on the party i recieved a call and i stepped out within the group, he stalk and follows me. hahahha! (he was prettending that he recieved a call too and have a chance to talk to me). So, we started chatting - chatting - chatting and we never noticed the time passed and our friends wanted to leave and go home. ''oh! shit...'' we just realised. hmm.. "that was a loooong conversation after all"

After that night I was wondering how he sent me an SMS hence i dont remember gaving my phone number. But "oh well..whatever!" so, we meet again for a dinner and after few days i travelled back to my home country and even dont have a planned of going back to Dubai but love brought us back again.


Our wedding ceremony was held at a very nice and breath taking location where viewing the water falls and forest...Before the big day happened there's a long story but to make it short; Our wedding date was cancelled twice due to our leave days at work was disapprove at the last minute, missed our flights to philippines and so many others so we start all over again rebooking the wedding suppliers and changing the date from our invitations... Was abit chaos but thank God, things happened for a reason. Happy

Arcy Page - 2011-05-30 06:23:04

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Arcy and Mah

After the ceremony.

Mahmud - 2011-05-30 06:31:09 in reply to Arcy Page 2011-05-30 06:23:04

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Arcy & Mah

Mahmud and Arcy were supposed to get married last March, and just as they were already at the airport in Dubai, a week before their wedding day, ready to fly here in the Philippines, some circumstances happened that forced them to miss their flights and pretty much postpone their wedding. And that means, they have to go through the process of postponing/cancelling all they have already booked for their wedding and also of contacting their invited guests of the postponement. But with rainstorms comes a rainbow. Some good news came into their lives and we were pretty much happy that what happened to them came with a good reason.


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Arcy Page - 2011-05-30 06:40:52 in reply to Mahmud 2011-05-30 06:31:09

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