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Real-life wedding stories are true accounts of weddings expressed in words and pictures from recent weddings in South East Queensland


brisbane - wedding story 1

nicole & edward

The photo to the right shows nicole and edward after their wedding in Brisbane.

Edward and I initially met at work; he used to occasionally glance across my way hoping to catch my eye.

One stormy summer night...

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Brisbane - Wedding Story 1.


brisbane - wedding story 2

troy & deb

Troy and Deb are pictured (right) in the middle of Queen Street in Brisbane just before arriving at their wedding reception.

He's my true north, my soul mate, my best friend. Of all the people in the world we were meant to be together.

We'd been friends for about a...

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Brisbane - Wedding Story 2


sunshine coast - wedding story 3

ashleigh & gordon

To the right you will see Ashleigh and Gordon seated, side by side, on the beach on the Sunshine Coast.

The Meeting: Gordon and I met in 2002 when I was 15 years old and he was 17 yrs.

It started like every great love story...

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Sunshine Coast - Wedding Story 3


brisbane - wedding story 4

michael & diana

Michael and Diana's story is called 'From Russia with Love'. The married couple are shown together in the photo on the right.

My husband and I were meant to be. Of all the computers in all the world ours connected, we met through the internet and as we had a lot of common interests we continued talking every day.

At that time nobody would have thought...

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Brisbane - Wedding Story 4 to read all of this compelling story.


country - wedding story 5

zoe & james

Zoe and James had a simple wedding remeniscent of the garden parties of the 1920s. The loving couple are pictured in the photo on the right.

The couple were staying at the Sunshine Coast over Christmas and for breakfast James served up not only breakfast in bed, but...

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Country - Wedding Story 5 to find out more.


gold coast - wedding story 6

wendy & james

Married on the Gold Coast, James and Wendy are pictured in the photo to the right.

I first met James in his local pub near darling harbour, Sydney in January 2000. I was on a one year working visa from England. From early on in our relationship we knew we had something special...

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Gold Coast - Wedding Story 6 to read on.


brisbane - wedding story 7

malcolm & belinda

Malcolm and Belinda were married in the gardens at Snug Harbour over looking the Brisbane river. To the right the newlyweds were captured magnificently aboard a yacht.

Malcolm and I came from a small town in NZ. As Malcs was leaving High School I was just starting but by the time I was sixteen I...

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Brisbane - Wedding Story 7 for the full story.

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