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Accomplished portrait photographer Brisbane's Shaun Murray enjoys creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere when working with clients. Shaun Murray Photography is at your service in Brisbane and South East Queensland.

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Shaun Murray Photography takes enchanting family shots of families of any size.

Shaun has a great sense of humour and loves working with all members of a family including pets.

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Shaun is a family man and loves working with children. Shaun is a Blue Card holder. In the studio, home or outside, Shaun has a talent for capturing children in wonderful candid moments. Shaun develops a great rapport with children and is at home organising them for school photos. Shaun also works well with delicately posed children for dance photos etc.

on location

You can have your photos taken on location, in a park, on a beach or other scenic spot. Anywhere in Brisbane or South East Queensland is fine with Shaun.

in the studio

Shaun Murray Photography offers photo shoots at the well equipped Wynnum studio.

in the home

Shaun Murray Photography offers photo shoots in your home or an environment where you feel comfortable.

personal interest

If you have a personal interest (hobby, car, sport etc.) and you'd like to include it in a photo session, Shaun Murray Photography is happy to accommodate this.

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